Wednesday, 29 February 2012

...and the boat did rock indeed!

Last Thursday 23 February, T&S organised its first public screening. A varied and  interested group of people got together at the Gentalha do Pichel headquarters to enjoy this British ensemble comedy that tells the story of a  pirate radio that broadcast rock and pop music,rather oddly, from a ship anchored in the cold waters of the North Sea.
Surprisingly, this type of music was then almost banned from the BBC (the film is set in the late 60s) and it was thanks to pirate radios like Radio Rock that rock & pop music thrived and could be enjoyed by a wider audience; these radios were hugely popular and contributed to popularise a culture that did not find space in the mainstream media.
The Boat That Rocked  takes us back to those dynamic and eventful years, populated by a  bunch of passionate, committed and crazy  radio DJs, prepared to die if necessary to defend their values and lifestyle. 
The film is rich in characters with a very defined personality and peculiar approach to life.
This film is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in British music and popular culture of that time; it is neither a documentary nor a is a hilarious comedy that rocks! 
The T&S audience enjoyed the film and they proved it with a quiz afterwards in which they showed their knowledge about this unmissable comedy full of wonderful music and unforgettable characters. 
If you already watched The Boat that Rocked, did you like it? If you haven't watched it...what are you waiting for?

With a little bit of tea & sympathy...

Hi there! Welcome to the  brand new Tea & Sympathy blog!  If you are wondering what this is all about, I should explain that  we are a mixed bunch of people who meet up, drink tea, chat and have a laugh on a weekly basis. Quite simple, really. T&S aims to offer a space where participants can speak, rant, moan and give opinions at will  about many different things; some are interesting, some are fascinating, some are mundane and others are simply bizarre. From time to time, we also get together to enjoy a film and a drink (yes, our tastes go beyond the classic brew)  and we are currently in the process of forming a Book Club. 
We are- you may have gathered by now- a quite social and totally normal crew.
This blog's aim is to offer tea sympathisers another window to share...well, pretty much anything we consider may be interesting and relevant, which in reality tends to be about  what we, T&S people, have in common: a love and interest for stuff that is related to English language and Anglophone cultures.
So, without further ado... let's get started! Roll on  early spring and the T&S blog!