Monday, 22 June 2015

Did you dance, Caroline?

The lizard wags its tail on the skirt of Caroline
The 'Tea & Sympathy choir' made its stellar debut at the Gentalha's social centre party last week to celebrate the end of course! We translated into English a traditional and well-known song (Bailaches Carolina?), adapting it to the music and the English rhythm, hence some minor differences between the original and the translation. We will not claim that our choir is ready to join the likes of the those gospel choirs & co that can move people to tears with their renditions of other traditional tunes, but at least we had a good laugh. Here our version of the song: 

Trad, arranged and translation by tea&sympathy

1 On the skirt of Carolina        
is painted a lizard,
when Carolina dances,
the lizard wags its tail.

2 Did you dance Caroline?
I danced, indeed Sir!
Tell me with whom you danced
I danced with my loved one

3 Our Carolina is crazy,
She does everything wrong
She dresses from her shoulders
and undresses through her feet

4 Did you dance, Caroline?
-I danced at the quarters.
-Tell me with whom you danced.
I danced with Sergeant Paul X 3
5 Mister priest doesn’t dance
just because he wears a crown.
Do Dance, mister priest, go on,
God forgives everything.

6 Did you dance, Caroline?
I danced, indeed, Sir.
Tell me with whom you danced.
I danced with my John (three times)

7In the farm of Caroline,
no closed cart is allowed
Only Caroline can come in
Grabbing her pig from its tail

8 With your loved one, Caroline
Never go dancin’ again,
He pulls up your skirt
And it’s hard to pull it down