Sunday, 3 April 2016

This must change everthing

A call to arms

Naomi Klein has established herself as one of the leading voices against the wrongs of our time.Her first book, No Logo (1999), quickly became influential among anti-globalisation activists worldwide and it was for many an eye-opener about the ruthless methods of  global brands that we all know about. Since then, Klein has written hundreds of articles, delivered talks, participated in conferences and actions. She was an activist as much as a thinker. Her other seminal work, written years later- The Shock Doctrine (2007)- tackles the consequences of neo-liberalism; the free-market mantra devised by Milton Friedman and happily applied by Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and company. So it is no surprise that latest publication is focused on another Damocles sword: the environment, or more specifically Climate Change.
In it, Klein argues that action needs to be taken urgently, which by the way is something environmentalists have been saying for decades. But she insists that if we continue to blindly believe in capitalism as the only way out, then we may be shooting ourselves in the foot.
Reading this in the wake of last year's Paris Climate Change Conference does not help, either. The institutional response to what science is evidencing (ie rising temperatures, ice caps melting, sea rise, etc.) is way too slow and insufficient, no matter what the triumphant headlines after the summit told us.

The book is, as you would expect,  rich in details and evidence and its scope is to preach to the non-convert and, hopefully, turn them into committed climate activists.
We're running out of time and action is required, both at an activist and institutional (aka governments) level. Reading this enlightening essay may be the first step towards a 'new deal'. The hope is that this book changes everything. For our own sake.

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